( An Awarenes Intiative on Cancers in Women )
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  • To establish, maintain and run medical facilities and programmes for creating awareness among the people in general and rural population in particular, regarding early medical examination for detection of diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes etc.  
  • To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges, Social service centers, for advancement of learning in the field of human sciences. 
  • To spread promotion of education and learning in all branches more specifically in the field of medicine and allied subjects.
  • To train teachers and workers in ideals and practices of the true spirit of providing service to the people.
  • To establish research and training centers for the furtherance of education/learning in its various fields and branches. 
  • To undertake propaganda, training and education of the masses either on its own or in co-operation with similar Agencies working for the cause of all round development of the Society.
  • To bring, publish and sell, distribute books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the promotion of the objects of the Trust. 
  • To function as a Non-communal Trust and as a secular organisation.
  • To establish centres for employment generation.
  • To acquire and maintain the movables and immovable properties for achieving and said objects.
  • To advance any other objects of general public utility. 
  • To confer title on eminent personality in the field of science, education, literature, etc.

DR. ANJANA PHUKAN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION has started “ASMI – A programme on Cancer”. It is a programme dedicated for cancers in women - breast, uterine cervix. This programme is headed by eminent oncologist Dr. TapanSaikia.. Read More  »

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