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“ASMI – A programme on Cancer” is a programme dedicated for cancers in women - breast, uterine cervix.This programme is headed by eminent oncologist Dr. TapanSaikia, head of Medical Oncology & Research Director at Prince Aly khan Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Tapan Saikia is having experience of working in the field of Medical Oncologyfor more than 34 years.  He had served at Tata Referral Hospital, Mumbai in between as a Medical Oncologist from 1981 to 2004. 
Free consultationto the Cancer patients of North East Indiais a part of the program. It is being started in Guwahati with participation of Dr. TapanSaikia. 
“Train the trainers- awareness on cancer for early detection” is a newly designed training programme to impart knowledge to the female health workers on anatomy of breasts, it’s periodical and unusual changes, sign & symptoms’ of breast cancer, breast awareness & screening and its importance, tips for self breast’s examination, methodical collectionof information on breast, collection of samples for Pap smear test. It is a 2 days training programme for the female heath workers who are already engaged in health related works in government & private sector health centers of urban and rural areas. The trained health workers to be indulged for implementation of our awareness programmes in grassroots level and to establish a critical linkage with  our group of doctors for one to one contact with the targeted population, to assess the implication of our awareness programmes and to conduct awareness & training camps on cancers time to time in our targeted areas.
Random screening of Pap smear in a particular area should be effective for detection of cervical cancer. Our trained female health workers will be engaged in collection of samples for Pap smear test with a target of minimum five to six thousand samples in a year from different areas of North East India. The samples will be examined in our referral pathology laboratories. On detection of any doubtful cases, proper steps to be taken for needful support/action to the patients from our side.
Aim & objectives of the programme
“ASMI – A programme on Cancer”  is a charitable programmeand services to be rendered in this programme will be FREE for the patients.
“ASMI – A programme on Cancer” is a programme for well being of cancer patients in North East India. Impart knowledge on cancers to the health workers through dedicated & substantial training programmes, speedy& cost effective implementation of awareness programmes on cancers for early detection at grassroots level, free consultation to the patients will remain top priorities in the programme.
"ASMI – A programme on Cancer” will not indulge its activities towards treatment of cancer patients. However, needful information and supports to the patients for screening or treatment at the locally available referral centers will be provided through “ASMI – Helpline”.
“ASMI – A programme on Cancer”will remain committedto build up a data base on its activities on cancers and to provide the datas to concerned agencies for formulating needfulmeasures, for research works and as study materials.
Provision for induction of other socio-economic programmes under this banner like “ASMI – A programme on ……..”will remain open for any individual or organization from government or private sectors, one  can take up different types of socio-economic programmes under the banner of “ASMI”on approval of its Managing body.
“ASMI – A programme on …..” will not be indulged in commercial activities. Main focus will be on imparting knowledge to the work force in the un-organized sector and to make them into an empowered skilled labour force for development of their socio-economic condition.  
Supporting organizations:
Headed by eminent oncologist Dr. Tapan Saikia, head of Medical Oncology & Research Director at Prince Aly khan Hospital, Mumbai "ASMI – A programme on Cancer" is supported by:
Mcleod Russel India Ltd. Guwahati
Amalgamated Plantations, Guwahati
HAMM Public Trust, Hojai
North East Diocesan Social Service Society, Guwahati
Eden Medical Centre, Dimapur
Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati
Pratiksha School of Nursing, Guwahati
Coras-Pratiksha Orthopedic Specialty Hospital
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Guwahat
North East Community Health Association, Guwahati
Impulse NGO Network, Shillong
Babina Group of Industries, Imphal
Tai-Ahom Autonomous Council, Guwahati
Sonowal-Kachari Autonomous Council, Tinsukia

DR. ANJANA PHUKAN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION has started “ASMI – A programme on Cancer”. It is a programme dedicated for cancers in women - breast, uterine cervix. This programme is headed by eminent oncologist Dr. TapanSaikia.. Read More  »

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